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Changing the World One Life at a Time

Discover Your Personal Requirements for Health
Decide on Priorities and Resolutions
Do- Implement Your Solutions to Optimal Health

What Will Coaching Do For You?

Whether you choose a personalized coaching plan or a guided program, I will help you create the change in your life that you have been waiting for. If you have been confused about what steps to take to improve your health and wellness then Coaching is the help you’ve been craving and as your  Impact Artist, I will help you find the answers you need.

$62 Per Session

50% OFF Coaching Sessions

50% off Coaching Session

Impact Artist?

An Impact Artist is a coach who focuses on making an impact in the lives of others. An Impact Artist  will partner with you and help you create positive change in your life. No matter what you goals are, your Impact Artist can help you reach them.


Learn to create balance in your life.


Learn to create health in your body.


Learn to find peace in your mind.


Learn to let go of negative behaviors and create positive ones.

Rediscover Optimal Health

Refresh your bodies ability to correct and heal itself with the tools and support of your Impact Artist. Together you will create something new in your life and discover the change you’ve been hoping for.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Thanks to my Impact Artist, I have gotten out of my rut, met several of my goals, feel more confident and happy than ever, and am taking on the world through new eyes – one day at time. I can look forward to the future with confidence!


When I found Coaching by Zen I was at a loss. Unhappy with where I was in my life and health and so ready for a change. My Impact Artist worked with me to create incredible change in my life, beyond what I ever dreamed I was capable of.


I had worked with other coaches in the past, but nothing compared to the time with my Impact Artist. It was refreshing and a blessing to finally work with someone who truly cared about me.


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